At PJSC “SRPA “Impulse”, the Anti-corruption programme is in force that has been approved with Director’s Order of 07 Fabruary 2022 No. 23.

An authorized officer of PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” responsible for implementation of the Anti-corruption programme is Petrashenko Rostyslav.
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Management of PJSC “SRPA “Impulse”:

Director Oleksandr Zhurba.
Deputy Director for Research and Development Vitalii Ustimov.
Deputy Director for Railway Automatics and Telemechanics Systems Vasyl Yashchenko.
Deputy Director for Automation Systems in Power Engineering Kostyantyn Gerasymenko.
Deputy Director for Manufacturing Roman Rubashka.
Deputy Director for Quality Assurance Viktor Komliev.
Chief Accounting Officer Valentyna Kharkivska.

The above persons have not been prosecuted in accordance with the law for commission of a corruption-related offence in the sphere of procurement (information from the Unified State Register of Perpetrators of Corruption Offenses –

The above persons have not been convicted for crimes committed for personal gain.

Anti-corruption policy (.pdf)

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.
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