PJSC “SRPA “Impulse” purchases the following groups of materials:

  1. Metal-roll (ferrous, nonferrous, stainless), including:
    • Sheets and plates.
    • Structural shapes (circles, pipes, hexahedrons).
    • Wires.
  2. Chemical raw materials:
    • Acids.
    • Salts.
    • Alkalis.
    • Chemical agents.
    • Glues, lacquers, sealants.
    • Commercial oils, cooling mixtures.
    • Other chemical compounds.
  3. Light industry materials:
    • Paper materials (cardboard, paper, including electrical insulating).
    • Textile materials (coarse calicos, flannels, rags, varnished clothes).
    • Electric insulating materials (glass-fibre plastics, polyvinylchloride tubes, fluoroplastic tubes, films, tapes, etc.).
    • General mechanical rubber goods (plates, cords).
    • Polymers (fluoroplastic and fluoroplastic goods, polycarbonate, polystyrene, phenoplast, etc.).
  4. Cabling and conducting goods:
    • Optical cables.
    • Power and control cables.
    • Railway cables (SBVG, SBZPU).
    • Connecting wires (MGTF, MGLF, MGShV, PVZ, PVS).
    • Control cables (KUGV, KUF).
    • Enameled wires.
  5. Metal goods (bolts, screws, washers, nuts, tips).
  6. Tools:
    • Abrasive.
    • Hand.
    • Cutting (drills, milling cutters, saws, taps, screw-thread dies).
  7. Measurindevices and equipment.
  8. Electricals:
    • Lights, lamps.
    • Cable ducts, inputs.
    • Wiring goods.
    • Automatic circuit breakers.
    • Transformers, motors.
  9. Ventilating and sanitary ware equipment:
    • Air ducts and air-conditioning systems.
    • Fans and tubular electric heaters.
    • Stop valves.
  10. Furniture (tables, chairs, base cabinets, cabinets) and household goods.
  11. Computer equipment and peripherals.

Main requirements to potential suppliers:

  1. Complex supplies for the corresponding group (groups) of materials.
  2. Goods quality guarantees confirmed with the quality documents (certificates, passports).
  3. Stability of terms of delivery, shipping schedules.
  4. Steady low prices..
  5. Conscientious and clear cooperation.
  6. Availability of a certificate on official dealer’s activities with plants manufacturing the goods.

If you are interested, please contact by E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.
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