Works of SRPA "Impulse" are equipped with equipment allowing serial manufacturing and monitoring of products of industrial electronics and electrical engineering.

Features of the plant

    • 100% quality monitoring, high qualification of specialists, warranty for all work performed
    • imported consumables
    • full or partial assembly installation of printed circuit boards
    • completing of an order with elements from our storehouse (full or partial)
    • completing with elements of prototypes
    • testing of finished products according to customer’s methods

Since the main customers of SRPA “Impulse” are enterprises of nuclear industry and nuclear power engineering, great attention is paid to quality monitoring and qualification of employees. A special check rig is manufactured for serial orders. Professional instruments for cutting, baring of wires, and embedding of cable lugs, soldering and assembling of form-factors are used.

To make an order, an assembly drawing and a specification and if required a wiring lay-out must be submitted in duplicate. If you have your own specific requirements, be sure to specify them in written form. Availability of a sample is not obligatory, but desirable. Cost of work is calculated within 24 hours.

SRPA “Impulse” is a leading Ukrainian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of highly-reliable instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power engineering and railways.
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