The IVS process information system of a unit’s upper level is one of the main components of an I&C system of NPP units.

Functions of IVS:

  • providing information to personnel in an operating circuit of a main control room and local control stations;
  • registering and documenting technological process parameters in all modes of operation of a unit;
  • monitoring critical safety functions;
  • monitoring basic safety parameters;
  • providing recommendations as to equipment control in transient modes of operation of a unit;
  • calculating and analyzing technical and economical parameters of unit’s equipment;
  • providing reference information about technological equipment and facilities of a unit’s I&C system;
  • calibrating measuring channels metrologically.

Composition of IVS:

  • the lower level is implemented based on MSKU-4 failsafe industrial controllers;
  • the upper level is implemented based on PS5140 industrial workstations.

System advantages:

  • possibility of step-by-step modernization of operating IVS systems with preservation of designed functions;
  • built-in functions of a safety parameters display subsystem;
  • implementation of unified protocols of data exchange with adjacent systems;
  • wide list of additional functions, adaptation of control ergonomics to meet preferences of operating personnel;
  • high degree of approbation of technical solutions due to a long-term experience of operation at NPP units;
  • availability of built-in automated means for calibration of measuring channels.

Safety class – 3.
Safety category – С.

Implementation facilities:

  • Khmelnitsky NPP, units 1, 2
  • Rivne NPP, units 1-4
  • Zaporizhzhya NPP, units 1-6
  • Kola NPP, units 1, 2
  • Balakovo NPP, units 1-4
  • Rostov NPP, unit 1

IVS equipment prepared for supply to Zaporizhzhya NPP



Video frames of IVS RMOT (workplace)

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