The KE SUZ electric equipment package of a control and protection system combines functions of SGIU and ARM-I and is an executive part of NPP units’ SUZ.

Functions of KE SUZ:

  • SGIU functions - automatically controlling movement of control rods (OR) of SUZ by protection signals, remotely controlling movement of control rods by commands from an operator, ARM-I, indicating current position and state of control rods in MCR and BCR;
  • ARM-I functions – automatically controlling RF power and pressure in a main steam collector;
  • guaranteed powering for drives of SUZ and equipment of KE SUZ;
  • registering and displaying parameters, their changes and faults;
  • transferring information to adjacent systems.

Composition of KE SUZ:

  • an executive part of emergency protection, consisting of two redundant diverse sets;
  • an SGIU control rod control system;
  • an ARM-I automatic reactor power controller;
  • a power supply subsystem;
  • information and diagnostic equipment.

System advantages:

  • exclusion of false AZ triggering due to use of three independent channels of emergency commands using “unconditional” logic;
  • use of diversity principle (protection modules, intermediate relays, and power contactors of the first and second set of an AZ-PZ executive part are produced using diverse components);
  • possibility of online switching of any drive and position sensor of control rods to reserve channels of power control and position monitoring;
  • automatic support of physical experiments.

Safety class – 2.
Safety category – А.

Implementation facilities:

Kola NPP, unit 4

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