MDC-U – a hardware and software system designated to create systems of centralized traffic controls (DC) assuring monitoring and control of train movement at a specific railway section from a traffic management centre (CUP).

Main functions of MDC-U

  • monitoring and controlling processes of train reception, dispatch, handling, overtaking at field stations of a subdivision by commands of a traffic controller;
  • displaying reliable information on a train situation at a subdivision, state of the signalling and MDC-U devices at ARM of:
  • train dispatchers (ARM DNC);
  • signalling engineers (ARM ShD);
  • keeping a traffic schedule (ARM GID);
  • automating a control process in accordance with an expected train movement schedule (“automatic dispatcher” function);
  • transferring field stations to a station (local) control;
  • monitoring power supply systems;
  • logging actions of operating and servicing personnel, archiving all information received, and generating required records and reports.


MDC-U has a modular hierarchical structure.

Upper level - CUP with a redundant data server, ARM DNC, ARM ShD, ARM GID.

Lower level – field stations with equipment for coupling with EC, AB, PAB, a level crossing signalling system, feeding installations, signalling installations at spans.

Communication bentwen the upper and lower levels is implemented via redundant channels of the railway communication system.

The field station equipment implementing control functions is built based on the hardware of MPC-U.

Data server

System advantages

  • possibility of arrangement of additional remote ARMs for operating and maintenance personnel;
  • remote monitoring of analog signals of different types and rates, allowing reducing time expenditures for servicing of the signalling devices;
  • integration of field stations equipped with another type of DC;
  • availability of a multiple-access indicator panel in CUP;
  • long-term storage of archive information with the possibility of viewing in the “Movie” mode with the regulated speed of displaying.


Structure of a field station of MDC-U



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