MPAB-U – a system of train separation and assurance of train operation safety at single-track and multiple-track low-density railway spans with any traction type using a function of semiautomatic blocking.

Span occupancy/vacancy is monitored using the axle counting equipment.

Main functions of MPAB-U

  • monitoring occupancy/vacancy of each track of a span;
  • monitoring integrity of an arrived train automatically;
  • exchanging information between adjacent stations to implement an algorithm of semiautomatic blocking;
  • shaping signals for EC;
  • coding track circuits of station approaching sections with signals of ALS.

System advantages

  • minimum quantity of station equipment when integrating into MPC-U;
  • software implementation of logical dependencies in a safe central processor;
  • possibility to arrange an automatic blockhouse at a span;
  • availability of interfaces for coupling with any type of EC.

Control cabinet of MPAB-U


Structure of MPAB-U

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