The MSKU-4 industrial controllers by their functional capabilities are close to the MSKU-3 industrial controllers while assuring software and hardware diversity as related to MSKU-3. This feature provides possibility of designing diverse I&C systems.

Functions of MSKU-4:

  • inputting and processing data from sensors of analog and discrete signals;
  • implementing monitoring and control algorithms, different regulating laws, protections, interlocks, start, and stop of the equipment;
  • generating and outputting analog and discrete signals, control commands;
  • intercommunication with external users via interfaces based on fiber-optical communication links:
  • Ethernet;
  • UART.

Composition of MSKU-4:

Composition of specific MSKU-4 is determined by specific features of its use in the instrumentation and control system.

Components of MSKU-4:

  • KMp microprocessor controllers equipped with ports of Ethernet interface and operated under control of real-time system SW developed at SRPA "Impulse";
  • MSO modules for communication with a facility designated for input/output of discrete and analog signals;
  • MSv communication modules designated for organization of data exchange between KMp and MSO and assuring external communications of MSKU-4;
  • MKO equipment monitoring modules designated to monitor operability and state of equipment located in an MSKU-4 cabinet;
  • PKr cross panels designated to connect field cables;
  • PSd connective panels designated for connection of cross panels with modules for communication with a facility and for protection against electromagnetic interference;
  • mounting crates designated to install controllers and modules for communication with a facility.

Key characteristics:

  • more flexible adaptation to customer’s demands due to availability of different redundancy schemes for both a central part (KMp controllers) and input/output channels (MSO modules for communication with a facility);
  • usage of own-developed system and instrumental SW diverse as related to SW of MSKU-3;
  • MSKU-4 are registered measuring tools, metrological calibration and attestation are assured with service SW developed at SRPA "Impulse";
  • absence of forced ventilation (cooling is implemented due to a natural air flow through the ventilation grates);
  • high reliability of power supply due to use of a redundant power supply system of a cabinet with both alternating and direct current.

Safety class – 2.
Safety category – А.


Structural schemes of MSKU-4 (non-redundant and redundant)

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