The PrS signal converter – a device for panel mounting designated for replacement of EP 4700 AS, EP 4701 AS measuring transducers and EP 4710 AS rooting units.

Functions of PrS:

  • converting a signal of a thermoelectric transducer or a resistance temperature transducer to a unified signal of direct current or DC voltage with the possibility of linearization of a rated static characteristic of a sensor;
  • converting a direct current input signal to a unified signal of direct current or voltage with the possibility of square-rooting function fulfillment;
  • feeding primary measuring transducers of “Sapphire-22” type;
  • delivering measurement results to an RS-485 main;
  • delivering measurement results and diagnostic information to a built-in liquid-crystal display;
  • delivering a discrete signal of “dry contact” type as a monitored parameter overruns an upper or lower limit.

Key characteristics:

  • monitoring of input and output channel operability;
  • delivery of all required information (a value of an input analog signal, a range of an input analog signal, a temperature value of cold junction, a value of an output analog signal, fault indication) to a liquid-crystal display;
  • protection against short circuit in a load circuit of an analog output;
  • possibility of carrying out adjustment to a chosen sensor type and a range of work, as well as calibrating in an automatic mode;
  • galvanic isolation of power circuits, an input analog signal, an output analog signal, output to an RS-485 main, input discrete and output discrete signals;
  • possibility of quick replacement of a device without rearrangement of power supply, information, and controlling circuits.

Protection degree – IP31.

Implementation facilities:

  • Khmelnitsky NPP
  • Zaporizhzhya NPP
  • Rivne NPP
  • South-Ukraine NPP

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