The PS5140 workstations are design-arranged industrial computers used as diagnosing and archiving servers, engineering stations, workplaces of operators and gateways operated under control of operator’s station software developed at SRPA "Impulse" based on OS Linux.

Functions of PS5140:

  • as a workplace of an operator – gathering technological process information and displaying this information to an operator;
  • as a diagnosing and archiving server – gathering technological and diagnostic information from all I&C devices, archiving, and displaying actual and retrospective information to an operator;
  • as an engineering station – gathering, archiving, and displaying information to an operator, possibility of changing functional settings of I&C systems;
  • as a gateway – gathering and transferring information.

Composition of PS5140:

  • a processor module containing:
  • a steel high-strength case with an aluminium front panel;
  • an exhaust ventilation unit;
  • three compartments for 5.25" storage devices, two compartments for 3.5" or 2.5" storage devices in a basket on a shock-resistant hanger;
  • PICMG-backplane for 14 PCI/PCI-e slots;
  • a processing unit with an Intel Core I5/I7 processor;
  • a DDR3 random-access memory;
  • a video controller;
  • information storage devices on HDD hard magnetic disks and on SSD solid-state disks;
  • a redundant power source with the possibility of “hot” swapping;
  • an uninterruptible power supply device;
  • display devices – large-screen monitors;
  • an emergency transfer switch;
  • networking equipment;
  • a construction with such possible composition elements:
  • a table – an operator’s workplace;
  • a supporting pedestal – placing monitors of operator’s workstations;
  • a pedestal – placing a processor module, an uninterruptible power supply device;
  • a cabinet-pedestal – placing a processor module, an uninterruptible power supply device, networking or other additional equipment;
  • a cabinet – placing industrial monitors, processor modules, and networking equipment.

Key characteristics:

  • possibility of universal usage in instrumentation and control systems;
  • use of highly-reliable industry-version uninterruptible power supply devices with redundant power supply units and accumulator batteries operating in parallel on output, which makes it possible to perform swapping of power supply units and accumulator batteries without switching-off a workstation;
  • use of own-developed operator’s station software verified and tested within systems important for NPP safety;
  • possibility of connection of up to four monitors to one workstation;
  • possibility to be used for continuous operation;
  • an easily operated and maintainable construction.

Safety class – 3.
Safety category – В.

Influencing factor                                    Values of influencing factors                                   
     Operating           Limiting    
  Temperature, °С:                                         
  – lower value
  – upper value


  Relative humidity, %:
  – lower value
  – upper value


(duration of
influence is 2 h)
  Barometric pressure, kPa:
  – lower value
  – upper value



Variants of workstation designs


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