The SGIU control rod control system is an executive part of SUZ of NPP units.

Functions of SGIU:

  • automatically controlling OR movement by signals of protections, an automatic power controller or by operator's commands;
  • indicating current position and state of ORs in main and backup control rooms;
  • registering, visualizing, and archiving parameters;
  • transferring information to unit’s adjacent systems.

Composition of SGIU:

  • a control rod control subsystem;
  • a protection command generation subsystem (using “unconditional" logic);
  • a subsystem for monitoring of OR position and for individual power supply of position sensors;
  • a subsystem controlling drives with devices for power supply of drives;
  • a power supply subsystem assuring guaranteed power, backup, and operative power supply;
  • equipment of control rooms (a manual control panel, a computerized panel for operating supervision, and a set of position indicators for control rooms);
  • a monitoring and diagnostics server.

System advantages:

  • doubling of each channel of drive power control with «hot» reserve of protection and control functions due to automatic unstressed switching of drive control from a failed channel to a reserve one with retention of all control functions;
  • control of different types of drives with possibility of their online switching;
  • possibility of OR control in any mode of both manual and automatic operation control and also in RF protection modes;
  • power supply of power equipment with direct current, which allows to exclude mechanical automatic reserve switching and assure unstressed switching from a main power supply input to a reserve one in case of a fail or voltage reduction at the main input;
  • automated support of a physical experiment to check control rod effectiveness;
  • a developed diagnostic system with determination and registration of step skip, slipping, jamming of a cluster;
  • inclusion of a testing stand for SUZ drives into a supply set.

Safety class – 2.
Safety category – А.

Implementation facilities:

  • Rivne NPP, units 1-3
  • Zaporizhzhya NPP, units 1, 2, 6
  • Kola NPP, unit 4 (as a part of KE SUZ system)

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