The energy-release (EV) and thermal-monitoring (TK) stubs are designed to be used in in-core monitoring systems.


Function of the stubs – transmission of electric signals to a connection node:

  • the EV stubs – from connectors of assemblies of in-core detectors (SVRD) to an electrical connection node on a concrete vault;
  • the TK stubs – from connectors of compensating devices of UK-82, UT-0186 type, a connecting box for thermal monitoring of cases of control and protection system rod drives or their analogues.

Composition of the stubs:

  • high-temperature insertion in EV stubs;
  • a heat and moisture protected cable enclosed into a stainless braid;
  • a connector for connection to SVRD or compensating devices;
  • a device to seal the connector after it has been connected to SVRD;
  • elements for protection against mechanical damages;
  • a set of installation parts.

Key characteristics:

  • high resistance to temperature and radiation;
  • moisture protection, can operate under air-steam mixture conditions;
  • survival in emergency and post-emergency conditions, including at a loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA);
  • survival at local overheating to a level of primary coolant temperature.

Implementation facilities:

  • Zaporizhzhya NPP
  • Khmelnitsky NPP

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