PS5150 industrial workstations 

The PS5150 project-arranged industrial computers – serial products by SRPA “Impulse” used in railway automation systems and other critical facilities.

The PS5150 workstations are used as ARM-C DSP, ARM-C ShN SKD, ARM KPF, operator equipment, servers, gateways, etc.

Сomposition of PS5150

  • processor modules (based on compact computers) with different versions:
  • Intel Atom/Core i5/i7 processors;
  • random-access memory – up to 16 GB DDR3;
  • read-only memory – SSD not less than 120 GB;
  • Ethernet controllers – not less than two 100/1000Base-TХ;
  • video interfaces – HDMI, Display Port, DVI, VGA (up to three independent video output);
  • USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, СОM-ports, audio output;
  • power supply equipment:
  • uninterruptible power supply devices with the possibility to be installed onto a panel or into a structural element 19”;
  • network filters;
  • an emergency backup actuation device;
  • display devices:
  • a video wall;
  • wide-format monitors;
  • operator consoles;
  • network equipment:
  • switchboards (with the possibility to be installed onto a din rail or into a structural element 19”);
  • “copper”-“optics” media converters;
  • SHDSL modems;
  • Ethernet/SHDSL network protection filters;
  • fibre optic crosses;
  • operator equipment:
  • keyboards to be located on a table or to be installed in a rack 19”;
  • a “mouse” manipulator;
  • column speakers;
  • structural elements:
  • a table;
  • a pedestal and a corner pedestal;
  • a pedestal cabinet.

Key characteristics

  • built based on fanless compact computers and highly reliable industry-standard components;
  • highly resistant to:
  • electromagnetic effects;
  • power supply network parameter changes;
  • environmental factors;
  • mechanical effects;
  • corrosion;
  • dust;
  • designated for continuous operation (24×7);
  • possibility of universal use in signalling.




ShKiU monitoring and control cabinets 

Are the basic component of signalling.

Have modular structure, assure the possibility to develop signalling systems (MPC-U, MAB-U, MPAB-U, etc.) as technically completed items (cabinets).

There two versions of ShKiU:

  • with a safe central processor operating by the “2оо3d” scheme (majorizing with diagnosing) and object controllers operating by the “2оо2d” principle (redundancy with diagnosing);
  • without a central processor, with object controllers.


ShKiU with a central processor

ShKiU without a central processor




ShS-5 coupling cabinet 


  • assuring communication between signalling subsystems;
  • implementing communication of signalling with external systems;
  • receiving standard time signals and transmitting them to signalling subsystems.

ShS-5 coupling cabinet




ShR-5 distribution cabinet 

The distribution cabinet ShR-5 assures connection of signalling to the field equipment using cross modules.

ShR-5 distribution cabinet



MKr-14 cross module (lightning protection module for three channels, the first class of protection) MKr-13 cross module (lightning protection module for two channels, the first class of protection)   Location of MKr on a DIN rail


ShGPL-1 guaranteed power supply cabinet 

Provides signalling components (cabinets, workstations,etc.) with guaranteed power supply with single-phase alternating voltage ~220 V and direct voltage 24 V (from an accumulator battery).

Contains three voltage converters 380/220 V with output guaranteed power supply ~220 V.


ShGPL-1 guaranteed power supply cabinet

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