The SVRK-M in-core monitoring system assures monitoring of neutron-physical and thermohydraulic parameters of a reactor facility’s (RF) primary circuit and information support to an operator to optimize RF technological processes behavior.

Functions of SVRK-M:

  • cyclically acquiring data from in-core and technological sensors of RF;
  • correcting lag of direct charge sensor signals;
  • calculating neutron-physical and thermohydraulic parameters of a core and an RF’s primary circuit;
  • monitoring current parameters and generating signals on deviations from technological setpoints;
  • displaying parameters of a core and RF state in the form of videograms, protocols, and diagrams;
  • keeping an archive of measured and calculated parameters, as well as non-continuous events and indications of deviation from limits of setpoints;
  • quickly estimating parameters of energy-release distribution along the height of a core and comparing them with the setpoints that depend on a fuel burn-up degree;
  • transferring a preliminary protection signal to a control and protection system when limits of setpoints of local energy-release and/or critical power ratio are exceeded;
  • forecasting energy-release distribution in a current continuous way;
  • forecasting energy-release distribution on operator’s demand with given control impacts;
  • monitoring quality of quick restore of energy-release field.

Composition of SVRK-M:

  • the lower level is implemented based on MSKU-4 failsafe industrial controllers;
  • the upper level is implemented based on PS5140 industrial workstations with redundant Ethernet switches for connection to a lower level.

System advantages:

  • possibility to monitor neutron-physical and thermohydraulic parameters of a core in stationary and transient modes, including modes of unit operation at increased power;
  • possibility to monitor cores with TVS-WR fuel manufactured by Westinghouse, including cores with "mixed" loads (modification of SVRK-M with integrated software and hardware of a "BEACON" physical calculation subsystem is operated at Zaporizhzhya NPP);
  • informational support for an operator to operate NPP in power maneuvering modes;
  • possibility of implementation of new fuel cycles;
  • high degree of approbation of technical solutions due to a long-term experience of operation at NPP units.

Safety class – 3.
Safety category – В.

Implementation facilities:

  • Zaporizhzhya NPP, units 1-6
  • Khmelnitsky NPP, units 1, 2
  • Rivne NPP, units 1-4
  • South-Ukraine NPP, units 1, 2

Video frames of SVRK RMOT (workplace)

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