Functions of CTP:

  • expert support of actions of operating personnel of MCR as to units control in an emergency mode and when liquidating accident consequences;
  • monitoring a technological mode and forming recommendations as to its optimization at normal operation;
  • receiving and processing information from adjacent diagnostic and information systems;
  • providing operating personnel with information required.

Composition of CTP:

  • I&C for information communication of CTP with adjacent systems and for presentation of state of unit parameters, consisting of:
  • engineering stations;
  • operator stations;
  • archiving servers of CTP;
  • a gateway for communication with an internal crisis centre;
  • portable workstations;
  • a remote viewing display;
  • a complex of safety assuring facilities, consisting of:
  • radiation environment monitoring equipment (dosimeter-radiometer);
  • equipment for video surveillance of actions of operators of main and backup control rooms (video cameras, video recorders, communication equipment, video surveillance monitors).

System advantages:

  • ergonomic and intuitively clear operator’s interface;
  • use of approved hardware and software solutions;
  • high fail-safety of the system due to use of redundant hardware;
  • continuous self-diagnostics of all components of the system with the depth up to a plug-in unit with generation of a warning on a fault.

Safety class – 4.
Safety category – not classified.

Implementation facilities:

  • Khmelnitsky NPP, units 1, 2
  • Rivne NPP, units 3, 4



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