MAB-U – a system of train separation and assurance of train operation safety at single-track and multiple-track railway spans on a real-time basis. It can be used as an autonomous system (based on the components of MPC-U) or as a function integrated into MPC-U.

It assures remote control of facilities at a span (signals, a railway crossing, track circuits, coding of track circuits, etc.) and coordination between stations limiting this span.

It is implemented based on track circuits. The equipment is located at stations adjacent to the span or in transportable modules (ТМ) at the span.

Main functions of MAB-U

  • monitoring integrity and vacancy of block sections of a span;
  • monitoring sequence of occupying and vacating block sections with automatic blocking when there is a violation;
  • controlling signals of intermediate traffic signals with observation of traffic safety conditions;
  • controlling crossing, tunnel signalling;
  • coding track circuits of block sections with signals of ALS;
  • implementing an algorithm of three-digit or four-digit signalling (depending on customer’s requirements);
  • real-time displaying (at ARM DSP and ARM ShN) reliable information on train position and state of the signalling devices at a span.


MAB-U equipment for Stanishevka-Zhytomyr Span

Technical characteristics of MAB-U

 Length of a span serviced  Up to 24 km (without installation of intermadiate ТМ),
 Up to 48 km (with installation of intermediate ТМ)
 Length of a track circuit  Is determined with a type of track circuit equipment
 Quantity of crossings at a span  Up to 30
 5 frequencies (with 2 modulations) of monitoring of track circuits in a range    From 420 to 780 Hz
 Type of modulation of track circuit monitoring signals  Amplitude
 Additional shunting zone  Not more than 40 m
 Monitoring of levels of track circuit monitoring signals  Without use of additional instruments 

Displaying a span at ARM DSP

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