Functions of SRT:

  • automatically and semiautomatically rotating a turbine;
  • synchronizing a turbogenerator (TG) with an electric network;
  • loading or unloading TG with a rate specified by an operator;
  • maintaining parameters of a turbogenerator at a specified level (rate of rotation – regulating accuracy not worse than ± 10 rpm, capacity – regulating accuracy not worse than ± 10 MW, steam pressure in a main steam collector – regulating accuracy not worse ± 0.5 kgf/cm2) in starting and operating modes;
  • assuring unloading TG in load-relief modes when technological protections of a turbine, reactor facility or protections of a generator are active;
  • remotely controlling control valves of a turbine by operator’s commands;
  • performing the following protective actions:
  • preventing unacceptable increase in turbine rotation speed during load-reliefs;
  • changing a turbine over to idling or to auxiliaries while maintaining nominal speed after load-relief;
  • forming protection signals when acceptable turbine speed is exceeded;
  • limiting planned capacity changes.

Composition of SRT:

  • an ShERS-1 cabinet of an electronic speed regulator, a ShSRT-1 cabinet of a turbine regulating system implemented based on MSKU industrial controllers;
  • a diagnostics and archiving server, an engineering station of an automatic regulating system implemented based on PS5140 worksations;
  • RMO operator’s workstations.

System advantages:

  • reliable execution of safety electronic automate functions (maintaining a turbine at a power level available at the moment of failure of a main electrohydraulic regulating system);
  • high operation speed (duration of a main operational cycle – 10 ms, time of response to discrete signals from emergency automation and signals of generator’s switch position – not more than 5 ms, generation time for a signal “Protection by TG’s rotor speed” from an initial event (change of frequency) – not more than 5 ms);
  • possibility of supply within USNE TO, which reduces quantity of equipment due to use of workstations of USNE in SRT;
  • possibility of operation in three modes:
  • using an electronic part of electrohydraulic regulating system;
  • using an electronic speed regulator;
  • in a manual control mode.

Safety class – 3.
Safety category – В.

Implementation facilities:

Zaporizhzhya NPP, units 1, 2


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